Tuesday, December 24, 2013

7 easy ways to meet more women in the bar

After years of dating, you begin to notice the subtle mistakes that guys make in the bar. Most of the time all you need is a few simple adjustments to drastically change their interactions. Here are 7 ways easy to improve their chances in the bar.

Take a sincere smile

The women are at the bar to relax, have fun and enjoy the good company. The best way to convey that you are a guy who is nice and interesting is with a confident smile. Even if you're nervous, always remember to smile, especially when you are not interacting with people.

Avoid walking around like a hunter

If you are looking for a girl to talk, walk like a predator will not help. Instead of surrounding the bar, choose a place to rest with a good view of the room. Casually look around until you see a girl in which you are interested in talking. Take no more than 3 seconds to get up, walk and approach her. The more you think, the greater the likelihood that afraid.

Keep your drink low

Look around a bar and I guarantee you will see more of a guy holding his glass tight against his body. We do it when we are nervous as a defense mechanism for women. Always keep your drink down beside him, shows a body language and attitude cozy.

Keep eye contact with her

The beautiful girl in the bar and he is smiling in the first instinct you put the look. Maintain eye contact with her until she looks away. You are showing that you are interested and want to see what you'll do. After breaking eye contact, walk up to her and introduce yourself. You can even start with something playful, like "Hey, can not just look at me for a while, I hope you do not mind coming to talk to you."

Not inclined to talk

"The music is too loud, can not hear what I'm saying!" It is a common complaint of guys in a bar. Guess what? Has to adapt to the situation. Constantly leaning is awkward, frustrated when she is trying to listen, and kills the atmosphere. Instead, projecting its side or move your voice. Standing shoulder to shoulder is a great way to hear each other better and get a more intimate feel.

Never ignore your friends

Have you ever hit it off with a girl in the bar and then has abandoned his friends? Yes, sometimes it is just bad luck and there's nothing you can do. Your friends care about her and want to make sure you are protected and have a good time. Show it to your friends (men and women).

Get some time alone

If you are trying to create a deeper connection with her, you have to be alone. You will not do when surrounded by a group of her friends to talk to her at once. Once you have a little time alone, it's time to bring in a personal place. Invite her for a drink at the bar, take a seat, or move to a slightly quieter place. Even you can tell your friends "I'm going to ask to borrow your friends for a few minutes if that's okay."