Monday, December 9, 2013

How to tell if he likes you

So you're with a guy and ...

At dinner with friends, she smiles and steals fries from his plate.

She gets her hair behind her ear before she says hello.

These daily events may seem like nothing, but I assure you that say it all. Sometimes it's up to us to recognize their signals because, let's face it, girls do not always announce their feelings for you for a speaker.

These tips are there to encourage and give confidence to make a move. Are the signals that are guaranteed likes you? Definitely because nothing is written in stone. However, are indicators that could very well be, especially if it shows many of these signs of interest.

Through body language

Our bodies speak volumes without us noticing. When a child begins to feel those butterflies, she often show their feelings unconsciously. Are often subtle and fleeting, but do not underestimate what it can mean.

She smiles at you when you make eye contact from afar
She's close to or about you
She touches or plays with her hair while talking to you
She looks down or away nervously when you maintain eye contact with her
Preens in front of you (the fit of the clothes, jewelry, makeup) to look their best
How to respond

If a girl is responding favorably to you, there's a good chance she wants you to stay. You may have to put more work in keeping things moving at first, but their hot reactions to your efforts will be based on their overall attractiveness.

She laughs and laughs at your jokes are not funny though
She restarted the conversation during a break
She agrees when I ask her a drink or get some fresh air
She answers questions, opens, and says personal data (interests, aspirations, embarrassing stories)
She makes personal questions and express interest in meet
She does not move away or breaks the physical contact when touched
She stays with you even after your friends are going
What he says and how it acts

A girl usually finds you when confidence is interested. She's going out of shyness and teases you because he wants to create chemistry. Remember, speaks or acts this way because she likes you and she wants you to be. So please, reciprocity!

She touches you during conversation
She offered to buy a drink
She leaves the interaction (bathroom, for a drink, etc.) and then comes back to you
She plays the fights or pushes you joking
She teases you about how to get all the girls
She introduces him to her friends
She asks if he has a girlfriend or is supposed to do in conversation
She asks what he is doing at night
What if you do not get any of these symptoms? In my experience, that does not necessarily mean that you are looking. All show different interests and express in a unique way. Even when you are unsure, it is best to assume that she likes you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so.