Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The falsity of love online

This is my reality, lived, and who lives in a magical world, a fairytale end to the open eyes, too late, too early, but your heart has already bottomed out, impossible to return back once I fell in love internet, the cyber world entirely, a world which used to know that it does not turn in a horror movie, this world overcomes you, draws you and grabs you at the end. It is a complete danger I thought everything he said in the end come to think it was real, I wrote love poems just for him, how many times I said I love you and as unfinished girl fell into their nets, fill me with passion, illusions and fell off a cliff and when I realized I could not look up. 

I was confused, lost to the most miserable was to me, as blind could get, to the lowest I could fall Visualize life otherwise practice the most beautiful love, until I get the big day we met in person I met a person who from the beginning I spoke lies I simply unknown, as was so blind, they never made ​​me feel so insignificant. 

I dreamed of this meeting, I dreamed kiss, hug and tell her I was madly in love with him, but I found that space, to fill you tell caresses so many times in my dreams, my space and each day it became so different but mine to me falls in love, I lost track of time online, just hoped to get from the university to connect and power conversation in the early morning hours it was as if nothing had happened, I wake up in the chat dialogue with the phantom impure, but an angel to me, come to believe it was true, a gentleman It learned that behind the monitor there is a ghost, a person who can lie, a being that can fool any other or like you or me and destroy your world, in seconds, best of all, you can re build that world, and that truth is who you are with others, or what others may do with you, that you take your own destination.

The internet should know used, otherwise we will dependent on it people, do not be like a ghost behind a single monitor, that being expensive or cheap take you to one place We do not do tasks from the books, now put the word and give us the topic completely, via which all call google Since teachers do not ask you to deliver the tasks written for you, now you get an email where you can forward your documentary, really we have changed.